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The Zanica Coin Display Case is a product that is designed to display and protect coins. It is a high-quality display case that is made of durable acrylic material free from chemicals and is dual-layered and designed to fit 2oz coins 38mm in diameter.


These cases are often used to protect and display bullion coins, challenge coins, circulation coins, and numismatic coins such as coins from the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom, The Royal Canadian Mint of Canada, and other mints around the world.


They are also used to display coins in home collections. The front lid and bottom are slightly flat allowing for an elegant look and slight magnification of the coin, providing that aesthetic look.

The cases are airtight and firmly closed, and the round shape of the case allows for a 360-degree view of the coin, ideal for display, whilst remaining protected.


The Zanica Coin Display Case typically comes in a variety of sizes and configurations, depending on the diameter size of the coins that you wish to display.


The Zanica – Trishel series of 2oz capsules, come in one distinctive size of would typically fit the specified coin types:

  • 38mm – United Kingdom’s Queen’s Beast, United Kingdom Tudor Beast, any 38mm 2oz coin.


These coins also fit a typical 2oz Silver Bullion coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint such as the 2oz Canada Goose or the 2oz Kraken, Werewolf, or Sabretooth 2oz coins, but have a 0.01mm slight (gap) variation as the Canadian 2oz coins as slightly smaller than the United Kingdom’s 2oz coins.

Designed specifically for silver bullion these capsules are elegantly flat to give it that elegant look and feel that provides a clear view of the coins inside and adds to its visual appeal.


The coin capsules or coin display cases are complemented by the Zanica – Easel Display Stand which is multi-purpose and comes in a 3-step set-up that can accommodate 1oz up to a 10oz coin, allowing you to display your coins in an artistic and creative manner on your display shelf, store-front or boutique or even a coin museum.


These Coin Display Cases are by far superior in quality and workmanship to what is available in the world and we at Zanica do believe that these Coin Display Cases are probably the best with no competition at all in terms of design, quality, and aesthetic elegance.


The Zanica – Trishel Coin Display Case is a must-have for any serious coin collector who wants to display their collection in an attractive and professional manner.


Buy yours now from a retail store nearest to you!

Trishel 2oz Coin Display Case Round (Flat) 5 pieces

SKU: 601279985854
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