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Elevate Your Collection with Zanica Coin Display Stands


As a dedicated collector of coins, silver bullion, and various numismatic treasures, you understand the importance of presenting your prized possessions with elegance and care. The Zanica Coin Display Easel/Stand is your ultimate solution for showcasing and safeguarding your valuable items.


Zanica Coin Display Easel/Stand Introduction

The Zanica stand is a masterpiece crafted with the discerning collector in mind. Its versatility and sturdiness make it the perfect choice for displaying a wide range of collectibles, from coins to medals, and it ensures that your items are securely held in place with adjustable notches.


Specifications and Dimensions

Measuring 6.80 x 3.20 mm (width x height) and 3 mm thick, the Zanica stand is designed to securely cradle coins up to 10.60 mm in diameter, providing unparalleled protection against damage.


Exceptional Versatility

With three adjustable notches, the Zanica stand caters to diverse collections, making it an excellent choice for collectors with a wide array of precious items.


Enhancing Durability with Acrylic Material

The Zanica stand's durability is a result of its scratch-resistant acrylic construction. Unlike fragile glass stands, this material not only protects your collection but also ensures its visibility.


Unmatched Durability

Acrylic's resistance to damage makes it the ideal choice for safeguarding your valuable coins and collectibles, ensuring they stand the test of time.


Pristine Display

Thanks to scratch-resistant acrylic, your displayed items will maintain their flawless appearance, enhancing their visual appeal and overall presentation.


Crystal Clear View

Acrylic's transparency allows for a clear, captivating display, allowing you to showcase the intricate details of your cherished items without any distortion.


Perfect Complement - Coin Capsules and Quadrums

To take your display to the next level, complement your Zanica stand with coin capsules and quadrums for added protection and organization.


Coin Capsules for Protection

Round plastic coin capsules act as a protective shield against dust, dirt, and moisture. Zanica's design effortlessly accommodates encapsulated coins, preserving their condition.


Organized Display with Quadrums

Quadrums provide an organized and visually pleasing display, featuring adjustable inserts to accommodate various coin sizes, ensuring your collection remains perfectly organized.



The Zanica Coin Display Easel/Stand is the ultimate accessory for showcasing your coins, bullion, medals, tokens, and cards. Its acrylic material guarantees both protection and elegance. When paired with coin capsules and quadrums, your display is taken to new heights.


Elevate the value of your collection by choosing the Zanica Coin Display Easel/Stand. Reflect your passion for numismatics and your appreciation for historical artistry.

Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting out, investing in Zanica's versatile, durable, and visually appealing stand is a surefire way to elevate your collection display. Don't wait; elevate your collection's presentation today!

Zanica Easel Coin Display Stand

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