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The Zanica Coin Display Case, designed with precision and care, is tailored to meet the demands of coin collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Crafted to the highest standards, this high-quality display case not only highlights the allure of coins but also ensures their essential safeguarding. Let's delve into the details and advantages of the Zanica Coin Display Case, specifically focusing on its compatibility with coins of 39mm diameter.


Crafted primarily from durable acrylic, a chemical-free material, the Zanica Coin Display Case boasts clarity, impact resistance, and a lightweight nature. These attributes, combined with a dual-layer design for added stability and protection, make it an ideal choice for the secure exhibition and preservation of valuable coins.


One of the standout features of the Zanica Coin Display Case is its versatility in accommodating various coin diameters, including the 39mm diameter.


This case can securely house coins with diameters of 39mm including the typical:

  • United Kingdom's Britannia
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Gibraltar's Lady Justice


Enabling collectors to showcase a diverse range of coins from different mints and regions. Whether it's bullion coins, challenge coins, circulation coins, or numismatic treasures, the Zanica Coin Display Case offers a versatile solution.


The Zanica Coin Display Case finds a home not only in commercial settings like coin stores and museums but also among numismatists' personal collections. Collectors who take pride in displaying their coins at home or in private showcases will find the Zanica Coin Display Case to be an elegant and protective solution. Its curved front lid and bottom design add a touch of sophistication to the displayed coins, enhancing their aesthetic appeal with a slight magnification effect.


The case's airtight closure guarantees protection against dust, dirt, and potential damage from external factors. The case's round shape provides a 360-degree view, ensuring every angle of the coin is visible and allowing collectors to fully appreciate their treasures.


The distinguishing feature that sets the Zanica Coin Display Case apart is its unwavering commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship. The Zanica team takes immense pride in their products, evident in the meticulous design, construction, and finishing. This dedication ensures the

Zanica Coin Display Case stands unrivaled in the market.


Zanica's belief in surpassing competition is rooted in design, quality, and aesthetic elegance. Their products are sourced from sustainable industry materials, aligning with eco-conscious consumer preferences and supporting resource conservation.


In conclusion, the Zanica Coin Display Case stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of the brand's team. A fusion of functionality, protection, and aesthetics, it caters to collectors' needs. Whether showcasing prized possessions or enhancing displays, the Zanica Coin Display Case is an ideal choice.


To experience the unmatched quality and elegance of the Zanica Coin Display Case, visit your nearest retail store and make it a part of your esteemed coin collection today!

39mm Round Trishel 1oz Coin Display Case

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