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Introducing the Zanica Premium Quadrum Square Coin Display Case – the perfect solution to showcase your prized silver bullion and coins with elegance and sophistication. These display cases are carefully designed to accommodate various coin sizes, ensuring that your collection is beautifully displayed and well-protected.


The supported coin sizes include:

  • 1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand

  • 1 oz Silver Britannia

  • 1oz Gibralter Lady Justice

  • and other coins with a diameter of 39mm


Superior Protection: The interior of each Zanica display case is lined with soft, black EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam material. This type of foam is renowned for its exceptional protective properties. It cushions the coins and shields them from scratches, impact, and other damages, ensuring your valuable silver coins stay in pristine condition.


Elegant and Modern Design: Zanica Premium Quadrum Square Coin Display Case sport a sleek and polished black EVA exterior. This design adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to your coin collection display, making it an attractive addition to any showcase or display cabinet.


Easy to Use: The display cases are equipped with a transparent cover that effortlessly snaps on and off. This feature allows you to showcase your coins without any hassle while keeping them safe from dust and accidental handling.


Versatile and Secure: Whether you are a seasoned collector with a diverse range of silver coins or just starting your numismatic journey, these display cases are a versatile option. They securely hold your coins in place, preventing them from moving around and potentially getting damaged during storage or transportation.


The Zanica Premium Quadrum Square Coin Display Cases are the perfect choice for collectors and enthusiasts who want to upgrade their coin collection display. With their impeccable design, multiple size options, and top-notch protective features, these cases offer a superior way to showcase and safeguard your prized silver bullion and coins. Elevate your numismatic presentation to new heights with Zanica Premium Quadrum Square Coin Display Cases today!

39mm 1oz Premium Quadrum Display Case (Square)

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