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A pack of 10 sheets of 3-pocket horizontal vinyl currency binder pages for standard-to-large-sized bills is a set of storage sleeves designed to hold and protect paper currency.


Each sheet measures 252 millimeters by 198 millimeters and contains three horizontal pockets, each pocket measuring approximately 80 millimeters by 180 millimeters.


These sheets are made of durable vinyl material that is clear, allowing you to easily see the currency inside. The vinyl material is also resistant to tearing and protects your bills from damage due to moisture, dust, or other environmental factors.


This pack of 10 sheets provides you with 30 pockets in total, allowing you to store a significant amount of paper currency. The pages are three-hole punched, so they can be easily inserted into a standard three-ring binder, making them a convenient storage solution for those who want to keep their paper currency collection organized and easily accessible.


Overall, a pack of 10 sheets of 3-pocket horizontal vinyl currency binder pages is a great investment for those who collect paper currency and want to keep their collection safe and well-organized.



This product only includes the sheets and does not include a binder (folder) 

The banknotes shown in the images are only for representation purposes.

This product does not include the banknotes displayed in the images.


Pending the final design output, the product design for this item may be altered at the time of release. 

10-Pack 3-Pocket Horizontal Vinyl Currency Sheets

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